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Help us bring better internet to West Point

State grants are available to fund construction of fiber-optic internet in West Point — which would mean better internet service for you and for all of our neighbors.

Your help is needed to secure grant funding

Building high-speed internet infrastructure is very expensive. But state and federal agencies recognize the need to provide all Americans with fast and reliable internet connectivity.

The funding would come from Indiana’s Next Level Connections program. You can improve the odds of success by completing a speed test of your current internet service.

In January 2024, this data will be submitted as part of the grant application process in hopes of bringing better internet service to West Point.

About the survey

A few things to know before you complete the survey:

  • If possible, please take the survey on your desktop or laptop computer, not your phone.
  • A wired connenction using an ethernet cable will give you the most accurate speed test result. If you don’t have an ethernet cable available, you’ll still be fine.
  • We recommend doing the speed test whenever you use your internet most often. For most, that’s between 6 and 9 p.m., but you know your schedule best.
  • If you can do it today, great! If not, please submit your speed test by Friday, Jan. 5, 2024.
  • The survey takes 10 minutes or even less. It’s really easy.

Frequently asked questions

Isn’t West Point getting fiber internet soon anyway? I saw someone putting fiber along State Road 25.

Unfortunately, that fiber internet will not serve the town of West Point. TDS is running that line, and they confirmed in writing with Tippecanoe County Commissioners that it will not serve the town.

Do I really need this? My internet seems fine.
It may seem fine today. In a few years, it won’t be. Available internet options in West Point are based on technologies that will not meet tomorrow’s needs. If our available internet service doesn’t improve, that could West Point at an economic disadvantage and potentially negatively affect property values.
Didn’t West Point already receive a grant for internet service?
Tippecanoe county previously anticipated federal funding for this project that unfortunately fell through. This grant program is facilitated by the State of Indiana, so the odds of success are improved. But it really depends on the number of speed tests submitted with the grant application.
What good does completing the speed test do?
Every grant process has what’s called a “challenge” phase. That means companies can challenge this grant application and say they provide sufficient internet service to West Point even if they don’t. Your speed test data can counter those claims and help disprove that challenge by supporting West Point’s need for better internet service.
Does taking the test guarantee that we’ll get better service?
No, but it will strengthen the case for grant funding — which would guarantee better service.
Who runs this website?
This website is facilitated by the county commissioners’ office.
If I take the survey, is my information safe?

The speed test survey is secured with industry standard encryption and used only by county and state offices in regard to the grant process. Your data will not be sold to any third-parties.

Who will provide internet service?
The county does not have a specific provider in mind. In the end, it doesn’t matter who’s providing it as long as they offer premium technology, faster speeds and more reliable service than what is available in West Point today.
When does the test need completed by?
Please submit your speed test by Friday, Jan. 5, 2024.

Your responses can help secure grant funding for bringing better internet to West Point.
If you have questions. please email Tippecanoe County Commissioner Tom Murtaugh.